Monday, December 11, 1995

Comments on a Parents' Manual

In response to a Parent Manual that characterizes stuttering as an "awful" problem

My main point is that it doesn't lay the groundwork for the "acceptance"
part. The old dichotomy "accept but work on changing..." is probably
good for parents as well. In spite of your splendid results there is
still the chance it will become chronic and both parents and child will
have to live with it. I agree this stage is not the right time to tell
them it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it may be the case that
some appropropriate euphemism might do more than just allay sensibilities.

Something like "a problem whose lifelong challege cannot be underestimated"
... a mouthful but sort of the idea. Has John Alhbach seen this? I'd be
curious of his reaction, given his fundamental acceptance position.

Interestingly, and in support of your present writing, my wife loves your
pamphlet as well, and has said nothing about the "awful" characterization.
I am sure she agrees (as deep down I do too...). So, it's worth a thought,
but certainly not much worry. It just leaped out at me and I thought I
should mention it. The important thing is to help the children, and help
the parents help the children, as you are doing so well.

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