Wednesday, October 09, 1996

Acceptance while working on improving

To Vera Chaplin who wondered how "acceptance" and "working on overcoming stuttering" can coexist

Vera: this is THE dilemma and the crux of any recovery. I'll give you
my answer (but each has to find hes own).

Work is the long term (beautiful) journey. Acceptance is for tripping along the way. It actually gets easier to accept tripping along the way, once you know that you have your eyes on a distant horizon. Note, like all horizons "fluency" will keep receding, but that's OK too. The journey is fun and tripping along the way will become less important and less intense. At some point you may find that you have been walking merrily for a while, enjoying the countryside, and won't know whether you haven't been tripping or you haven't paid attention to it. And you won't care which it was.

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